What is the difference between a loan and a lease?
When you obtain a loan, your down payment and monthly payments go toward the total purchase price of the vehicle. When the term of the loan is complete and the loan is paid in full, you own the vehicle. With a lease, you make monthly payments for the term of that lease. Once the term of the lease is complete, the vehicle is returned to the lessor.

How do I choose between a loan or a lease?
The correct financing option largely depends on three factors:
  1. What you want to drive?
  2. How much you plan to drive it?
  3. How long you want to keep it?

It might be preferable to lease rather than obtain a loan if:
  1. You want more vehicle for your monthly payment.
  2. You drive a pre-determined number of miles per year.
  3. You prefer to trade in your car every three years or less.
  4. Owning a car outright is not important to you.

If these considerations do not apply to you, it might be better for you to get a loan if:
  1. You want your monthly payment to apply to ownership.
  2. You plan to enjoy your vehicle for a long time.
  3. You want to customize your vehicle.
  4. You want the maximum flexibility regarding the number of miles you drive.
  5. You want control of the length of time the vehicle is in your possession.

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